SLG Achievements in Environment


Scottish Leather Group has adopted the philosophy of a circular business model to produce low carbon leather. This is achieved by reducing our energy use, eliminating waste through efficient resource use and thus reducing the carbon footprint our product.

 Our energy efficiency has been twice recognised by the Carbon Trust and more recently low carbon leather was recognised by achieving the Environment award from the Energy Institute. 

We are committed to eliminating the use of landfill, and divert waste to resource recovery or energy recovery where possible. Recent performance illustrates that we achieved a landfill diversion of over 60%. Much of this was recovered for recycling and heat recovery with the surplus heat used in leather manufacturing to avoid fossil fuels. 

We source water from both our privately managed and public supplies and use this efficiently to produce leather, typically consuming half of the European industry average despite this efficient water utilisation, we installed an ultrafiltration plant at our Bridge of Weir site that recycles treated water directly back into production. It is our aim to be zero waste, zero discharge. 

The Group is accredited to the ISO suite of standards including ISO 14001:2015, which is part of our integrated management system. SLG Technology also recently led the group accreditation to ISO 50001:2011, which is used to report and verify our energy use footprint. 

Scottish Leather Group continues to set standards for low carbon sustainable leather manufacturing within the global leather industry.

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