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Sustainability – Zero Waste

Leather is an inherently environmentally friendly product. It takes a by-product of beef and dairy farming and transforms itinto a versatile and highly prized material - one which itself can be recycled when it has outlived its original use.

At Scottish Leather Group, we believe that leather can also be produced in an environmentally responsible manner and substantial investment in this belief has made us one of the most modern and environmentally efficient leather manufacturers in the world.

 In 2003 Scottish Leather Group established a ‘zero waste policy’ and this goal to maintaining a sustainable business remains unchanged. Our continuous investment towards zero waste provides year on year reduction in our impact.

 We continue to seek beneficial routes for recovery or reuse of our process wastes, to avoid landfill. The value of the renewable energy recovery from both the thermal energy and fat plants is facilitating a significant carbon reduction in the leather manufacturing process by the replacement of fossil fuels.

The plant continues to generate considerable interest from customers worldwide and it has positioned the group as a world leader in sustainable leather manufacturing.

  It is due to our commitment in this innovative technology that gives us the lowest carbon footprint of any leather maker in the world and the only one to carry the Low Carbon Leather logo.

SLG Sustainability Zero Waste       

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